Web Hosting

What is Hosting?

The hosting is like your block of land – it is space on the computer where your website (your house) is actually stored. You will pay more if your house uses up a lot of land, or if you have a lot of people coming and going from your house. In extreme cases you might need a dedicated road to and from your house (but this is only if you are extremely popular!). You will also pay more if you need an electric fence around your house or a security guard patrolling the perimeter. In the same way, website hosting charges depend on the type and size of the website, the amount of traffic and the security required

Our Hosting

Our web hosting is top of the line. Our customers know that our technical support and quality of our server is top of the line. We have a user accessible control panel that allows you to add you to add e-mail addresses, adjust the SPAM controls and see how many people have come to your site with a set of statistics that tell you more than you could imagine! Our packages are scalable depending on your needs.

Gentek Generations Technologies offers a wide range of hosting solutions that are custom tailored to the needs of your web site. A static web site, for instance, will generally be hosted on a basic plan, while a high-end data-driven(dynamic) site will typically require a more robust solution. This is dependent on the applications and databases used to develop your site, however we will work with you to choose an optimal solution that works within your company's budget

July 24, 2013
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